Sport Court

SouthSide Works NEW Sport Court is the place to get your game on. 
Enjoy our free-to-use basketball and pickleball courts.
Court hours: Sun up to sun down.

Need equipment? Visit Pins Mechanical across the street. Nets and balls available to rent daily starting at 4pm.

The Sport Court is located between S. Water Street and Tunnel Boulevard next to the SouthSide Works Dog Park.

Rules and Regulations

  • While others are waiting for the courts, sessions are limited to thirty (30) minutes for groups of two and sixty (60) minutes for larger groups. 
  • No pets, skateboards, roller skating, roller blades, bicycles, etc. are permitted on the sports courts. 
  • Profanity or obscene language is prohibited. 
  • Smoking within or on the sports courts is prohibited 
  • No food or glass containers on the court 
  • Only tennis shoes are allowed on the court 
  • Minors should supervised at all times 
  • Should you need assistance please contact security 
  • Please report any unsafe conditions to security 
  • Use court and equipment at your own risk. Management assumes no liability for accidents or injuries that may occur. 

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